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Majid AL-Rashidi; partner advocacy and legal consultancy. The company was established in 2014 and is located in Al Mawalih beside Holiday inn hotel Muscat in Sultanate of Oman. We provide legal services in areas of Criminal, Civil, Commercial and Insurance and Labor Cases. We are accredited by the Ministry of Justice to practice the law and provide legal advice ; consultants within Sultanate of Oman and outside. 

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One of the loftiest professions in contemporary history is the legal profession, whose affiliates seek to establish justice in which the reconstruction of the earth and the stability of life, and therefore no one can deny that the legal profession is one of the pillars of justice and one of the necessities of achieving it. Justice is a complete and indivisible whole, and it will not be interrupted. Otherwise, it will collapse and be

absent. Advocacy is a free profession that participates in the judicial authority in memorizing facts to achieve justice and confirm the supremacy of the law that derives from the Sharia. It is a profession based on providing assistance to natural and legal persons in the fulfillment of their rights and assistance in working in accordance with the applicable laws in all fields, defending the rights of others, and raising citizens’ legal awareness of their rights and duties. Its spectra by its distinguished team of lawyers and consultants with high experience in legal profession and law

OUR Fields

Consulting Legal Advice:

“The company provides his legal consultancy services to public and private companies in different kinds of legal cases, and represent his clients in front of legal authorities.

Drafting Legal Agreements and Contracts:

Our lawyers and consultants doing the contracts drafting, such as sales and investment contract. Furthermore, drafting legal statute of companies in different types.

Prepare for Cases:

The company team is responsible for preparing cases and providing all the necessary documents to conduct lawsuit procedures, complaints with the judicial and administrative courts.

Collecting Financial Rights:

Our team follows up with creditors and communicates with them directly to take the necessary legal measures and follow up with the debtor until the debt is paid.


The company administration provides our client's report about the cases assigned to our company by giving continuous updates to the companies and clients on the legal steps that taken.


The company team offers arbitration services in different types of law cases (commercial, administrative and labor) to facilitate and settle the material and moral rights of the clients.


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Lawyers and Consulters:

Mr. Majid Al-Rashdi

An appeals lawyer is specializing in commercial, Labor and criminal cases

Mr.Abd El Moneim Ahmed Ali

A high court lawyer and a certified arbitrator is specializing in commercial and criminal cases.

Mr. Al Baraa Al Rushdi

A primary Lawyer specializing in Family and civil cases.

Mr. Borhan Eddin Abd EL Hafid

A legal advisor is specializing in Banks and companies cases.

Dr. Ghalib Al-Rushadi​

Legal advisor and arbitrator is specializing in commercial, administrative, labour cases and establishing commercial companies.

Mr.Matar Al Balushi

A primary Lawyer specializing in commercial and penal cases.

Mr.Nasser Al-Rashdi

A primary Lawyer specializing in commercial and penal cases.

Ms.Radia Al Kiumi

Responsible for administrative affairs of the company.

Ms.Eman Whahid Eldin Khater

Responsible of the public relations for the company.

Office Locations

Al-Mawaleh, near the Holiday Inn Hotel, Bait Al-Asayel Building, first floor, Apartment 13


Fax :24554587 Tel :24553687 Mobile:98886333

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